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On Thursday, May 26, 2016, Jessica Wang <25695076 at qq.com> wrote:

> Hello, I just start using R. I want to use “fitdistr” to fit distribution
> of the data. Then how can I verify if the data really fit the distribution?
> Thanks [data is attached]
> You can't. There are many ways to judge/quantify the **quality** of the
fit, but your question indicates a complete misunderstanding of basic
statistical concepts (imo of course) . I suggest you spend time with a
local statistical resource, take some courses, do some reading, etc.


> res<-fitdistr(data$Report.delay, "Poisson")
> h<-hist(data$Report.delay)
> xfit<-floor(seq(0, 250, 50))
> yfit<-dpois(xfit,res[[1]][1])
> yfit<-yfit*diff(h$mids[1:2])*length(xfit)
> lines(xfit, yfit, col="blue", lwd=2)
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