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Fri May 27 20:21:08 CEST 2016

On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 12:56 PM, Steven Yen <syen04 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear fellow R users:
> I am reading a data (ascii) file with fortran fixed format, containing
> multiple records. R does not recognize fortran's record break (a slash).
> I tried to do the following but it does not work. Help appreciated.
>   60 FORMAT(1X,F6.0,5F8.6/1X,5F8.4,F10.6/1X,2F6.0,3E15.9,F8.0,F5.2,F5.3
>       *      /1X,F7.0,2E15.9,F9.4,F5.3)
> mydata<-read.fortran("G:/Journals/Disk1/12_restat_95/estimate/GROUPD.DAT",
> ​​
>          c("1X","F6.0","5F8.6"/"1X","5F8.4","F10.6"
>           /"1X","2F6.0","3E15.9","F8.0","F5.2","F5.3"
>           /"1X","F7.0","2E15.9","F9.4","F5.3"),
> ​​
> col.names=c("year","w1","w2","w3","w4","w5","w6","v1","v2","v3",
> "v4","v5","v6","z","chyes","chno","ec","vc","cvc",
> "pop","ahs","fah","tnh","eq","vq","ups","zm1 "))

​Did you see this from ?read.fortran


 For a single-line record, ‘format’ should be a character vector.
     For a multiline record it should be a list with a character vector
     for each line.


​I think (not sure) you need:

"pop","ahs","fah","tnh","eq","vq","ups","zm1 "))

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