[R] Variable labels and value labels

G.Maubach at weinwolf.de G.Maubach at weinwolf.de
Tue May 31 14:00:45 CEST 2016

Hi All,

I am using R for social sciences. In this field I am used to use short 
variable names like "q1" for question 1, "q2" for question 2 and so on and 
label the variables like q1 : "Please tell us your age" or q2 : "Could you 
state us your household income?" or something similar indicating which 
question is stored in the variable.

Similar I am used to label values like 1: "Less than 18 years", 2 : "18 to 
30 years", 3 : "31 to 60 years" and 4 : "61 years and more".

I know that the packages Hmisc and memisc have a functionality for this 
but these labeling functions are limited to the packages they were defined 
for. Using the question tests as variable names is possible but very 

I there another way for labeling variables and values in R?

Kind regards

Georg Maubach

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