[R] bzip2

Josef Eschgfaeller esg at unife.it
Tue Nov 1 00:49:06 CET 2016

I am not able to compile R 3.3,
configure halting with:
checking for BZ2_bzlibVersion in -lbz2... yes
checking bzlib.h usability... yes
checking bzlib.h presence... yes
checking for bzlib.h... yes
checking if bzip2 version >= 1.0.6... no
checking whether bzip2 support suffices... configure: error:
                         bzip2 library and headers are required
But my bzip2 seems to be 1.0.6:

bzip2 --version
bzip2, a block-sorting file compressor.  Version 1.0.6, 6-Sept-2010.
type bzip2
bzip2 is hashed (/opt/local/bin/bzip2)
type R
R is hashed (/usr/bin/R)
R --version
R version 3.2.0 (2015-04-16) -- "Full of Ingredients"
Thanks for help

Josef Eschgfaeller

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