[R] Stop R script from running, when the memory goes beyond 15.4GB

Priya Arasu galaxie2485 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Nov 5 07:07:20 CET 2016

     I am using R 3.3.1 in RedHat Linux7 , 64bit system (16GB RAM).  I could run simulation in R package, Boolnet for 25 genes without any problem. When I add more gene i.e. 26 genes, the system becomes slow. Simulation keeps running for more than a day. I have to stop the simulation, as it takes a lot of memory. I need a suggestion here, I want to stop the script from running when the script takes memory beyond 15.4 GB. How do I do it? Should I generate warning in my script or use typeCatch?
Any idea or advice, would be of great help
Thank you


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