[R] Pesky file encoding problem

Joshua Banta jbanta at uttyler.edu
Sun Nov 6 18:25:46 CET 2016

Dear everyone,

Please consider the following code, which I am using to make a custom text file. (I need to build the text file line-by-line like this for some idiosyncratic reasons that I will not get into here. But basically the real text file I am making is longer and more complicated than this.)

outfile = "output.arp"
cat('Title="data"', file=outfile, append=FALSE, sep = "\r\n")
cat('DataType=DNA', file=outfile, append=TRUE, sep = "\r\n")
cat('GenotypicData=1', file=outfile, append=TRUE, sep = "\r\n")
cat('GameticPhase=0', file=outfile, append=TRUE, sep = "\r\n")
cat('LocusSeparator=WHITESPACE', file=outfile, append=TRUE, sep = "\r\n")
cat("", file=outfile, append=TRUE, sep = "\r\n")
cat("[Data]", file=outfile, append=TRUE, sep = "\r\n")
cat("[[Samples]]", file=outfile, append=TRUE, sep = “")

Here is my question:

When the output file (output.arp) is opened using TextEdit on a Mac, each line is shown separated by one or more carriage returns, which is what I want. When the output file is opened using Notepad on a PC, each line of text runs into the next with no carriage returns, which is not what I want.

How can I make this text file, or convert it, in such a way that it will open on Notepad on a PC showing each line separated by one or more carriage returns?

I am aware of solutions to this problem using other software as an intermediary, such as TextWrangler, but I would like to accomplish this entirely using r itself.

I would be most appreciative of the full code needed to get the job done.

Thanks very much in advance!
Josh Banta, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology and the Center for Environment, Biodiversity and Conservation
The University of Texas at Tyler
Tyler, TX 75799

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