[R] Course: "Statistical Data Analysis with R"

PD Dr. Pablo Emilio Verde pabloemilio.verde at hhu.de
Wed Nov 16 15:02:49 CET 2016

Dear list members,

I am very glad to announce the introductory course: "Statistical Data 
Analysis with R".

I have running this course for 10 years and previous participants have 
had a nice time learning R at the LinuxHotel.
You are invited to bring their own data to analyze during the course.

Below you find more information about this course. If you have any 
question don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,


Course: Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis with R
Where: Linux Hotel, Essen-Horst, Germany
When: 15.12 - 17.12.2016 week 50

Instructor: PD Dr. rer. nat. Pablo Emilio Verde
*Target audience*
This course is for data analyst who are familiar with classical 
statistics software
like SPSS, SAS, etc. and they want to get a working knowledge in R.

This is a 3 days intensive training course with 8 hours per day 
including lecturing
and exercises. The course presentation is practical with many worked 
To attend the course you do NOT need experience with R. Lectures are given
in English. Discussions can be in English, German or Spanish.

Day 1
* Introduction to concepts in R
* Data structures, objects and classes
* Data management with R (indexing and other advanced techniques)
* Graphics with R (classical functions, lattice plots and ggplot2)

Day 2
* Introduction to statistical functions in R
* Bootstrap methods and Monte Carlo simulation inference in R
* Linear models and regression techniques in R
* Model checking and model diagnostics

Day 3
* Logistic regression, Lognormal models and GLM with R
* Exploratory multivariate analysis
* Exploratory regression analysis with Classification Trees and Random 
* Own projects

Public sector and commercial: 3 days, 998.00 € + 19% vat = 1,187.62€
(three days course, full eight clock hours per day, complete set of 
WiFi, complimentary notebook, full board, drinks, pastries, homemade cakes,
sauna, social program)

Additionally acommodation on demand: 63,13 € shared double room
per night (incl. VAT) or 138,03 € single room per night (inc. VAT).

675 € three days course

Some of the courses are frequently fully booked. So please notice that 
you may
have to try several times, until you get a spare place.

For more information, please contact: info at linuxhotel.de

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