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André Luis Neves andrluis at ualberta.ca
Fri Nov 18 20:02:32 CET 2016


I have the following list (mylist), in which I need to pass to the column 2
the name of the list itself.
So, running the follwing commands:

A= data.frame(1:2,3)
B= data.frame(1:4,3)
C= data.frame(c(1:2),c(4:5))
lapply(mylist, setNames, paste(c("CaZyme")))

The output would be:
> lapply(mylist, setNames, paste(c("CaZyme")))
  CaZyme NA
1      1  3
2      2  3

  CaZyme NA
1      1  3
2      2  3

  CaZyme NA
1      1  4
2      2  5
3      3  6

My question is:
How could I name the second column with the name of each dataframe of the
list, such that NA would be substitute for A, B and C, respectively.

Thank you very much,



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