[R] browser() pre 3.1 behaviour

Falk Hildebrand hagen804 at yahoo.de
Wed Nov 23 12:51:35 CET 2016

Dear R help list,I have been using the "browser()" function for a long time now to debug my function code. However, since 3.1 (I think) the behaviour has changed that browser() (or the debug interface) is being called also when a loop is being executed (copy pasted to the R interface). So I have to cancel this browser or confirm each iteration of the loop. And this I believe also extends to various other calls. In the end I would like to set up my R to behave like it did in R <= 3.0. This has been so bothersome, that I was sticking with old R versions, but now some packages are no longer supported in these old versions.
How to set up browser() to follow the old behaviour??
I have been looking for some time now to find an answer to this on the internet, but was so far unsuccessful, I would be grateful for any help.best, Falk Hildebrand
PS: I think this is the change that occured in 3.1:
[R] R 3.1.0 is released

|   |  
[R] R 3.1.0 is released
   |  |



   * The behaviour of the code browser has been made more consistent,
     in part following the suggestions in PR#14985.

   * Calls to browser() are now consistent with calls to the browser
     triggered by debug(), in that Enter will default to n rather than

   * A new browser command s has been added, to "step into" function

   * A new browser command f has been added, to "finish" the current
     loop or function.

   * Within the browser, the command help will display a short list of
     available commands.
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