[R] Partial Fraction Decomposition

Tom Mosca tom at vims.edu
Sun Nov 27 00:18:56 CET 2016

Hello Folks,

As a neophyte R user I frequently have questions, and I’m sorry to bother experienced users with what may appear to be trivial questions to which I should be able to find answers without help.  I’ve searched everywhere I know to look, and can’t find any reference to this question.  Perhaps I just haven't guessed a correct keyword for my searches.  I apologize in advance.

Given a rational expression P/Q with P and Q being polynomials that are prime in relation to each other, and with Q factored, is there an R function or package that will return the partial fraction decomposition of P/Q?

For example:
Given (3x^3+x^2-8x+6)/(x^2)(x-1)^2
Return 4/x + 6/x^2 – 1/(x-1) + 2/(x-1)^2

Thank you, Tom

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