[R] Svyolr-Properly Specifying Start Values

Courtney Benjamin cbenjami at BTBOCES.ORG
Wed Nov 30 06:45:01 CET 2016

Hello R Users,

I am trying to use the svyolr command and coming up with the following error:

Error in MASS::polr(formula, data = df, ..., Hess = TRUE, model = FALSE,  :
  attempt to find suitable starting values failed
>From what I have read online, a possible solution is to specify a value in the start argument of svyolr; unfortunately, I have not been able to find any detailed/clear descriptions about how to go about specifying values for the start argument.  Any help in explaining how to go about establishing reasonable start values would be greatly appreciated.

library (survey)

data <- getURL("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cbenjamin1821/careertech-ed/master/elsq1adj2.csv")
elsq1ch <- read.csv(text = data)

#Specifying the svyrepdesign object which applies the BRR weights
elsq1ch_brr<-svrepdesign(variables = elsq1ch[,1:16], repweights = elsq1ch[,18:217], weights = elsq1ch[,17], combined.weights = TRUE, type = "BRR")

allCColr <- svyolr(F3ATTAINMENT~F1PARED+BYINCOME+F1RACE+F1SEX+F1RGPP2+F1HIMATH+F1RTRCC,design=subset(elsq1ch_brr,BYSCTRL==1&G10COHRT==1),na.action=na.omit)


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