[R] help with package ranks

davide f samantha.fundetta at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 21:14:57 CEST 2017

Hello, I'm Davide.
I'm using the package RANKS, in particular the functions do.GBA, do.RW,
do.RANKS. To the funcs are given 2 different Matrix. One is a a simmetryc
adjacency Matrix(called "M"), where rows and columns are protein, and the
other is an annotation Matrix(called "ann"), where protein are rows(the
same of the first Matrix) and and the annotations are columns.

I write a script in order to filter both the matrices, choosing only
protein with 5 or more annotations.

To be more specific, using the functions, data=M, labels=ann.

But, running the script, it gives me an error message about the functions
of interest:

Error in apply(W[, ind.positives], 1, sum) :
  dim(X) deve avere lunghezza positiva

In paritcular it gives me the error during the FOR cycle, when it
works on the 6th column.

How can I resolve it? what is the reason?

Thank you in advance, best regards,


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