[R] How can output tables be converted to data files?

BR_email br at dmstat1.com
Thu Apr 6 01:22:09 CEST 2017

If I may, I was successful in writing csv files for rcorr, n, but not 
pvalue, which is empty.
I set digits=5, thinking the small numbers might not show with default 
Here's the code I used. Do you see a bug?
Thanks. Bruce

Y <- rcorr(as.matrix(X))
write.csv(Y$p, file = "c:/R_data/pvalue.csv",row.names=FALSE, na="") - empty
write.csv(Y$n, file = "c:/R_data/nsize.csv",row.names=FALSE, na="") - okay
write.csv(Y$r, file = "c:/R_data/rcorr.csv",row.names=FALSE, na="") - okay


David L Carlson wrote:
> Y <- rcorr(as.matrix(X))

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