[R] Content Management System Built on R

Steven Nagy nstefi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 14:48:11 CEST 2017

Hi everyone,


I'm still new to R, and I like that's it's so compact, you can do so much in
just a few lines of code.

I wondered if there is any Content Management System built on R. I have
created websites for my clients, and I prefer to set it up in a CMS instead
and give them control to edit their own content.

So far the CMS I like the best is DotNetNuke, recently they call it DNN. I
also tried Joomla, but I didn't like that is not very easy to find the
content page to edit. In DNN, you just navigate to the page, press Edit, and
you get in to edit mode (instead of searching through all your articles,
like in Joomla).

It would be nice to have a similar platform and I could use R in the back

I searched on Google and I found a CMS called "RSuite CMS", but on their
website they say is based on MarkLogic, and I haven't heard mentioning
anything about R. Not sure where the "R" in the name "RSuite" comes from.

I also remember seeing another CMS where you could drag modules/widgets on
the page around and place them anywhere you want. It was very flexible. But
I can't remember the name. But it wasn't related to R.

Let me know if you know any user friendly CMS built on R.




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