[R] R in a real time MS BI environment

Andrew Scotchmer andrew.scotchmer at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 21:29:32 CEST 2017


Hope someone can help with the best way forward for a project I am working 

My employer uses the MS BI stack - SSRS, SSIS, SQLServer, etc - and the 
developers have built a web portal in C# and ASP.Net to display real time 
management reports in a dashboard format using the bootstrap theme. 

I have developed a prototype dashboard with R and Shiny running on an 
Ubuntu virtual server which is more graphical and includes reactive 
components and machine learning analytics. Everyone is very impressed with 
the dashboard and want to incorporate the analytics and graphical 
components (ggplot with plotly) into the existing portal.  As it was only a 
prototype however it uses files that are created in SQL server and exported 
nightly as csv's into a folder shared with Ubuntu.  So far we have just 
created iframes that point to the shiny server but management are not happy 
with this approach.  They want to integrate the R models and graphics into 
the real time portal.

I know SQL Server 2016 bundles R services, but how do you incorporate real 
time R analytics and graphics in the existing MS/.Net stack?


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