[R] rdb and rds files include abolute file paths / help understanding how lazy-load dbs are created

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us
Wed Apr 12 08:09:48 CEST 2017

Someone might respond here anyway, but I think this is more of an R-devel question.

Anyway, as long as the package file after installation has appropriate file names for where it is installed, what does it matter what is in the files before installation? 
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On April 11, 2017 9:40:39 PM PDT, Philip Rinn <rinni at inventati.org> wrote:
>I'm trying to understand why/how absolute file paths are stored in
>.rdb[1] and
>.rds[2] files during package installation. As a consequence building
>the same r
>package in different directories does not produce identical .rdb and
>.rds files.
>The background is that I work on reproducible builds[3] of R packages.
>I think
>this is important from an engineering point of view but also from a
>perspective (that's actually my point). I want to be sure that my
>research results
>are reproducible and therefore I need software that builds
>To investigate further I'd like to ask for some help. From what I
>understand so
>far the lazy-load databases are built by code in
>src/library/tools/R/makeLazyLoad.R. The code path is not very clear to
>me but the
>main problem I have now is that it's hard to follow the code path used
>to install
>a package. Could someone enlighten me by pointing me to some docs or by
>describing the path?
>Any help/comments are very welcome.
>PS: could you CC me, I'm not on the list. Thanks.
>[1] at least in <PKG>/R/<PKG>.rdb and <PKG>/help/<PKG>.rdb
>[2] at least in <PKG>/help/paths.rds
>[3] https://reproducible-builds.org
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