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Troels Ring tring at gvdnet.dk
Wed Apr 19 07:10:07 CEST 2017

Here it is how to make extensions visible before Windows 10




Den 18-04-2017 kl. 23:44 skrev John C Frain:
> At the risk of adding again to the noise on this point I would recommend
> that all users of MS Windows enable the display of file name extensions.
> This can be done in Windows 10 by opening Windows explorer under the view
> item on the ribbon tick file name extensions. At least this will then
> display any extensions added by programs when saving files. If a program
> does add an extension then you can at least rename the file. Doing this
> helps avoid these problems.
> The same think can be done in earlier versions of windows explorer which do
> not have the ribbon. I think that it is under the View menu item remove the
> tick from the box "hide extensions for known file types". Save the revised
> options. I don't have exact details as all the PCs that I can access at the
> moment have windows 10.
> You should note that this problem has consequences for most programs (e.g.
> Matlab, Mathematica, Stata, Rats and many others). It is not specific to R.
> It appears to work well with MS Office and similar programs in that it is
> set up so that their users do not need any knowledge of file name
> extensions.
>   Under windows 10 if you use notepad when you select "Save As" There is a
> save as type option below the file name. The default is Save as text
> (*.txt) - in which case the file is saved as filename .txt.  If you select
> save as type - all files (*.*) the file is save as filename with out
> extension if that is what you want. Even if you edit the file filename and
> choose the wrong type the .txt extension may be added.  There is a similar
> provision with many other programs. I don't use notepad myself but would
> prefer to use notepad++ to edit text files
> In Windows 10 any editors that I have used (including notepad, emacs,
> rstudio, octave gui and others) can save files starting with a period. The
> original MS DOS had 8.3 filenames and a filename starting with a period (.)
> was not allowed. This practice continued to some extent in various version
> of windows and it was often difficult to use filenames starting with a
> period. As different versions of windows and different programs imposed
> different restrictions.  I have  encountered such problems over the years.
> Possible solutions included using emacs, notepad++ or the windows console
> to solve the problem. For various versions of windows google search will
> offer a solution.
> Again the problem is not with R or Matlab or Octave or Mathematica  or
> Stata or Rats or .... but with Windows which pretends to be a very
> user-friendly operating system  by hiding many aspects of what it is doing.
> When one needs to do serious work one need to understand some of these
> hidden aspects. In Linux many of these aspects are on the surface and it
> may appear that one need more knowledge to work with Linux.
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> On 18 April 2017 at 14:12, Duncan Murdoch <murdoch.duncan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 17/04/2017 6:41 PM, John Nash wrote:
>>> The very large amount of noise on this topic seems to be the result of
>>> allowing
>>> Windows to hide file extensions. We have had to put up with millions of
>>> malware
>>> infections because someone in M$ thought this would be a nice idea. I've
>>> seen it
>>> cause lots of problems over the years, including among my own family.
>>> Perhaps someone can create a check and repair that automatically turns
>>> this "feature" off
>>> whenever R is run. One reason among the many why I run Linux.
>> MacOS does this now too, though it feels less aggressive than Windows.
>> This page tells how to disable it there: https://support.apple.com/kb/p
>> h19072?locale=en_US
>> There's little point providing a link to a Microsoft page for doing this
>> on Windows, because their help page links are not very durable.  The main
>> one that Google finds describes itself as obsolete.
>> Duncan Murdoch
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