[R] Time Series forecasting models for irregular time series for zoo objects

Sonam Tripathi tripathi92sonam at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 11:03:41 CEST 2017

Hi I am new with R.Currently I am using time series forecasting to do daily 
forecasting for predicting request per day.The dataset which i am using has 
unevenly spaced date a snapshot of dataset is given below I have to find 
the best model which can help me in predicting the future request which can 
make forecast for next 15 days.I have used zoo package for dealing with 
irregular time series data but now I am unable to implement "ets" and "ar" 
and "arima" model with this as it expects the series to be regular and 
evenly spaced and it gives me warning " Missing values encountered. Using 
longest contiguous portion of time series"  but still I proceed for 
forecast then it is showing me date in the format like "1.711600e+04" and 
point of forecast is same for nearly all the dates. 

                    date         req_per_day 
13-07-2016 1 
15-07-2016 1 
11-08-2016 1 
01-09-2016 1 
13-09-2016 1 
14-09-2016 1 
22-09-2016 2 
23-09-2016 1 
26-09-2016 2 
27-09-2016 4 
29-09-2016 2 

My question is how to implement ets and other model on zoo objects which 
show me correct date format.Based on other suggestions i have also tried 
converting zoo to ts but it is again showing "NA" for the dates which are 
not present in the dataset and give same result which I specified above.

How to do time series forecasting with uneven or irregular dates using zoo 
objects in R.

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