[R] Error with installed.packages with R 3.4.0 on Windows

Jean-Claude Arbaut arbautjc at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 19:55:56 CEST 2017


I am currently getting a strange error when I call installed.packages():

Error in if (file.exists(dest) && file.mtime(dest) > file.mtime(lib) &&  :
  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
Calls: installed.packages

I am working with R 3.4.0 on Windows. I didn't get this error with R 3.3.3.
Apparently, file.mtime() is returning NA well applied to a directory, and
this causes the entire && expression to be NA, then the "if" fails because
it needs either T or F.
The source of "installed.packages" seems to be roughly the same as in R
3.3.3, so I wonder if there have been other changes in R, maybe the logical
operators, that would make this function fail.

Any idea?

Best regards,

Jean-Claude Arbaut

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