[R] gap.barplot with means and standard error bars

Biank M bianca12_domi at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 27 21:10:04 CEST 2017


I've been trying to create a barplot with the following data:

SA<- c(0.06, 0.061, 0.06, 0.06, 0.06)
AA<- c(0.29, 0.275, 0.271, 0.274, 0.276)
CA<- c(266.783, 257.726, 276.331, 268.859, 265.042)

I want a bar for "SA", a bar for "AA", and a bar for "CA" (x- axis). The height of the bar must be represented by the mean of each vector data and include SE bars. Since there are very very large differences in numbers , I want to add a gap between 1 and 250 (y-axis).

I know that the gap.barplot function is used to produce the gap, but I don't know how to include the means and SE bars.

Can you help me creating this plot??

Thank you very much!!



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