[R] Finding nrows with specefic values&converting a matrix into a table

abo dalash abo_dlsh at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 29 17:13:44 CEST 2017

Hi All

I'm trying to identify number of rows containing 2 specific values.

I tried : which(mydata == 566,235), but this returns logical values for all rows and any T in a certain row indicates the existence of one of these values but what I need to know is only number of rows in my data set with these 2 particular values considering these two values

as one pair per column. For example :

1          123   566    235

2          443    54      566

3          566    44      235

here number of rows with the values 566&235 is 2 which are

rows 1 & 3. Row 2 has only 566 so it should not be included in

our calculation.

I also have a large matrix and wanted to convert it into a table so I can

easily identify the combination with higher frequencies.

The matrix looks like this:

                    x      y      z

x                  0      5       67

y                  na    0      23

z                   na   na      0

and I would like to convert this into a table arranged with

higher values first like this :

x       z       67

y       z       23

x       y        5

x       x        0

y       y        0

z        z        0

y        x        na

z        x        na

z        y        na

Is there simple function to perform this conversion with some explanation about the Syntax


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