[R] Tweedie Model in R software

Azmi Muslun azmi0314 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 17:57:17 CET 2017

Dear all,I have data on monthly rainfall (about 40 years)and i am trying to fit a Tweedie model to the data in order to estimate a p value for each month. I have run the following R codes. data=subset(data,dataMonth=="Feb")out=tweedie.profile(dataMonth=="Feb")out=tweedie.profile(dataAmount~1,p.vec=seq(1,3.5,length=6),do.plot=TRUE,method="interpolation",do.smooth=TRUE,do.ci=TRUE)However this resulted into certain warning message. In tweedie.profile(data$Amount ~ 1, p.vec = seq(1, 3.5, length = 6),
  Confidence interval cannot be found: insufficient data to find left 
CI. I wanted to know how can I deal with this issue? Thanks  
Kindest Regards
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