[R] Any reason not to use RUnit any longer?

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Mar 7 16:06:04 CET 2017

On 6 March 2017 at 19:04, Hans-Peter Suter wrote:
| I see that quite some packages nowadays use testthat and that RUnit doesn't
| have recent updates. On the other hand Rccp, fTrading and others (still)
| test with RUnit.

RUnit is alive and well, look at


which shows all its checks are clean.  It also has a new maintainer in Roman
Zenka (who too has code that uses it) so I would not be worried.
| My old code uses RUnit and I would prefer to keep it that way unless there
| is an important reason to switch to testthat. If it makes a difference, I
| do _not_ use roxygen and stay close to R-exts standards (ok, a testing
| framework I'd like to have).

There is no offically sanctioned package in WRE for this as far as I know.

If you run 'make check' on R itself, all the package in base R check via
.Rout.save files -- which makes sense as we want no / few external
dependencies at this level.

In short, you are free to use what you prefer.  I still use RUnit too.


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