[R] [R-pkgs] New package on CRAN: remindR

Bert Gunter bgunter.4567 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 07:00:46 CET 2017

remindR is a simple, small package with essentially a single purpose:
to Insert/extract text "reminders" into/from function source code
comments or as the "comment" attribute of any object. The intent is
that the former could be handy in the course of program development to
remind one of e.g. argument requirements, to-do's, required options
settings, etc. The latter, which just wraps R's existing comment()
function, could also be used to provide information on objects or to
provide simple manual "tooltips" for users.

If interested, please have a look at the package vignette, which
provide a fuller explanation of how and why this might be useful and
how it works.

All feedback welcome: bgunter.4567 at gmail.com

-- Bert Gunter

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