[R] Extract student ID that match certain criteria

roslinazairimah zakaria roslinaump at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 04:32:09 CET 2017

Dear r-users,

I have this list of student ID,

dt <- c(AA14068, AA13194, AE11054, AA12251, AA13228, AA13286, AA14090,
AA13256, AA13260, AA13291, AA14099, AA15071, AA13143, AA14012, AA14039,
AA15018, AA13234, AA13149, AA13282, AA13218)

and I would like to extract all student of ID AA14... only.

I search and tried substrt, subset and select but it fail.

 substr(FKASA$STUDENT_ID, 2, nchar(string1))
Error in nchar(string1) : 'nchar()' requires a character vector
> subset(FKASA, STUDENT_ID=="AA14" )
 CGPA        ACT_SS      ACT_VAL     ACT_CS      ACT_LED     ACT_PS
[14] ACT_ENT     ACT_CRE     ACT_UNI     ACT_VOL...

Thank you so much for your help.

How do I do it?
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