[R] Is ImageMagick package not compatible with R 3.3.2?

Hervé Pagès hpages at fredhutch.org
Wed Mar 15 06:32:07 CET 2017


ImageMagick is an external software that you need to install on your
system. It's not an *R* package so trying to install it with
install.packages() won't work.

Note the difference between things listed in the SystemRequirements
field (the animation package has many of these system requirements)
vs things listed in the Depends or Imports field. The former are
external softwares (typically standalone programs or system libraries).
The latter are R packages that can be found with available.packages()
and installed with install.packages().


On 03/14/2017 10:21 PM, C W wrote:
> Dear list,
> I am trying to use saveGIF() from library animation.
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__cran.r-2Dproject.org_web_packages_animation_animation.pdf&d=DwIGaQ&c=eRAMFD45gAfqt84VtBcfhQ&r=BK7q3XeAvimeWdGbWY_wJYbW0WYiZvSXAJJKaaPhzWA&m=sLEnaUtX6fn9Y_qSSEHFl-W9OaFf4_3oSFFTpbvjAd4&s=4BYi2BW4av2AKvz57RFr0v7j-zxc2Z7AzHvutypbh_s&e=
> saveGIF() has dependency on package ImageMagick.
> I got the following,
>> install.packages("ImageMagick")
> Warning in install.packages :
>   package ‘ImageMagick’ is not available (for R version 3.3.2)
> Does that mean I can't use saveGIF() anymore? It seems that this is the
> only package capable in R.
> Thank you in advance!
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