[R] 3D equal-spaced closed mesh

Eric Krantz Eric.Krantz at respec.com
Thu May 4 21:51:04 CEST 2017

I have sonar image which is basically a point cloud (x, y, z) of an irregular underground cone-shaped structure. I am trying to create either (1) a closed 3D mesh with "equally spaced" mesh grid, or (2) a smooth closed surface, for instance by calculating connected localized regression surfaces. My Z (vertical) component is equally spaced, but X and Y consist of 128 points around the perimeter, regardless of diameter, which makes the grid size small where the diameter is small, and large where it is large. I'm looking for relatively equal grids, so I could use regression or interpolation to add points where needed, or conversely remove them, hence the idea of a localized surface regression. I've tried plot3D package, RGL, and a couple other packages including alphashape3d. I have not tried plotly or rms. So much time invested I thought I would ask for advice, if anyone knows a package or technique or can clue which direction to go. Thanks,
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