[R] Mac-specific encoding bug

Oliver Keyes ironholds at gmail.com
Sun May 7 08:36:52 CEST 2017

Hey all,

I've ran into a weird quirk on Mac platforms, which you can read fully
at https://github.com/Ironholds/urltools/issues/70

The long and the short of it is that one specific codepoint - \u04cf -
does not print in a UTF-8-y way by default, except when run through
cat(). Compare, for example:




Kevin Ushey was kind enough to bring his expertise, and found that it
may be a locale-specific problem as well as a Mac-specific problem,
because 'sourcetools' shows that there's no locale information for the
character. But this only appears in R - Python has it display
perfectly - so I'm kind of at a loss. Does anyone know what's going



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