[R] Joining tables with different order and matched values

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Mon May 8 16:56:21 CEST 2017

Hi All ..,

I have 2 tables and I'm trying to have some information from the 1st table to appear in the second table with different order.

For Example, let's say this is my 1st table :-

Drug name           indications

 Ibuprofen                Pain

 Simvastatin            hyperlipidemia

losartan                   hypertension

my 2nd table is in different order for the 1st column :-

Drug name       indications





I wish to see the indication of each drug in my 2nd table subsisted from the information in my 1st table so the final table

would be like this

Drug name       indications

Simvastatin     hyperlipidemia

losartan           hypertension

Ibuprofen       pain

Metformin    N/A

I have been trying to use Sqldf package and right join function but not able to formulate the correct syntax.

I'm also trying to identify rows contain at least one shared value  in a dataset called 'Values":


A             B

1,2,5       3,8,7

2,4,6       7,6,3

Columns A & B in the first row do not share any value while in the 2nd row they have a single shared value which is 6.

The result I wish to see :-

A             B             shared values

1,2,5       3,8,7             N/A

2,4,6       7,6,3               6

I tried this syntax : SharedValues <- Values$A == Values$B but this returns logical results and what I wish to have

is a new data frame including the new vector "shared values" showing the information exactly as above.

Kind Regards

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