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Abdelrahman, Omar (RER) Omar.Abdelrahman at miamidade.gov
Tue May 16 16:06:40 CEST 2017

I am trying to produce multiple violin plots by 3 categorical variables, each violin representing 1 year worth of data. The variables are:

Watershed (7 levels: county canals)

Geography (5 levels: west; central; east; mouth; bay)

Parameter (8 levels: water quality chemical parameters)

Year (25 levels: 1992-2017)

I want to produce 1 plot for each Parameter-Watershed subdivided into Geography with a violin for each year. I used facets with the following code (not by year):

ggplot () +

facet_grid (PARAMETER ~Wshed, scales="free_y") +

geom_violin (data=merged, aes(x=Geo, y=RESULT))

I do not want facets, they crowd the information so it is unreadable. I just started with R this week and have not been able to figure out the foreach protocol, or any other loop protocol. I tried to subset the data to do it iteratively with the following code:

subdf<-subset (merged, Wshed = "AC")

but got an error: Error: unexpected input in "subdf=subset (merged, Wshed == ""

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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