[R] Somewhat obscure bug in R 3.4.0 building from source

Peter Carbonetto peter.carbonetto at gmail.com
Sun May 21 16:30:43 CEST 2017


I uncovered a bug in installing R 3.4.0 from source in Linux, following the
standard procedure (configure; make; make install). Is this an appropriate
place to report this bug? If not, can you please direct me to the
appropriate place?

The error occurs only when I do "make clean" followed by "make" again; make
works the first time.

The error is a failure to build NEWS.pdf:

Error in texi2dvi(file = file, pdf = TRUE, clean = clean, quiet = quiet,  :
  pdflatex is not available
Calls: <Anonymous> -> texi2pdf -> texi2dvi
Execution halted
make[1]: *** [NEWS.pdf] Error 1
make: [docs] Error 2 (ignored)

and can be reproduced wit the following sequence:

make clean

This suggests to me that perhaps "make clean" is not working.

I'm happy to provide more details so that you are able to reproduce the bug.


Peter Carbonetto, Ph.D.
Computational Staff Scientist, Statistics & Genetics
Research Computing Center
University of Chicago

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