[R] [R-pkgs] Announcing snakecase 0.4.0

Malte Grosser via R-packages r-packages at r-project.org
Fri May 19 18:42:33 CEST 2017

I am pleased to announce a fresh and simple approach on automatic
caseconversion with a concise design philosophy via the snakecase-pkg (

Just use to_any_case(string, case) and (if the cases are too complex for
the default options) provide its most important arguments with further
information about:
- how a string should be parsed (regular expressions)
- how the result should be split (character).
On the way you can achieve things like special character handling and minor
customizations as also documented on github (

- Easy case conversions:
"RStudio" to "R_Studio" (parsed) "r_studio", "R_STUDIO", "rStudio",
"RStudio"  or choose any other separator than the default "_" or "".
- More complex (different meanings of dots (separator or decimal) and
"R.Stüdio: v.1.0.143" to "rstüdio_v_1_0_143" or "r_stüdio_v_1.0.143", "R
Stuedio v 1.0.143",...

Note that the usecases are not only formatting for naming conventions
itself, but also for automated pretty printing like "RStudio" to "R Studio".

Malte Grosser

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