[R] A slightly unorthodox matrix product.

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> Can anyone think of a sexy way of forming following "product"?
> Given matrices A and B, both with m rows, form a 3 dimensional array C
> such that:
>      C[i,j,k] = A[i,j]*B[i,k]
> I *think* that the following does what I want.  (I keep confusing
> myself, so I'm not sure!)
> library(abind)
> xxx <- lapply(1:nrow(a),function(i,a,b){a[i,]%o%b[i,]},a=A,b=B)
> do.call(abind,c(xxx,list(along=3)))
> Is there a cleverer way?
> cheers,
> Rolf Turner
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Dear Rolf,
Try the following:


dim(C) <- c(nrow(A),ncol(A),ncol(B))

#test it on column 2 should return true
#on all columns (sapply returns 9 rows with 3 columns all values are TRUE)

all( sapply(seq(ncol(C)),function(i) (C[,,i]==A*B[,rep(i,ncol(A))]) ) )

Note that it creates the final array by taking advantage of the
column-major ordering in R.
Initially, we create a vector by multiplying elementwise the 2 vectors
internally associated with each matrix,
finally,  we generate our  3D array by adding the dimensions attribute, a
vector of 3  elements.

This method should be fairly fast since we are using internal R matrix
addressing, and not multiple function calls required by lapply ().
I hope this helps
Thomas Jagger

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