[R] Request for help with R program

Spencer Brackett @pbr@ckett20 @ending from @@intjo@ephh@@com
Tue Aug 14 01:13:50 CEST 2018

Good evening,

  I am a high school research student who is partnering with Baylor
University (TX) on a Genomic research project, and was seeking to use the R
program to analysis our data— which is from GDC database. R-3.5.1 is
currently downloaded onto my Windows PC and I am looking to download the
CGDS and GAIA packages, and then to subsequently downloaded and analyze the
Genomic data we have extracted via the R packages. I attempted to utilize
the various help utilities you provide, but I am rather inexperienced with
computer programming and the R program as a whole. Therefore, I am
requesting a screen sharing session and/or phone or email correspondence
with one of your associates so to achieve my goals. Such would be very
helpful to my and my mentors work, and our pending publication.

Many thanks,

Spencer Brackett

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