[R] How deep into function calls does trycatch() work

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Hi All:

I am using another package in a project I have. Because of that,  I have no control on how that package behaves or what it returns.  This package has a function foo()  that calls httr::GET(),  and if it gets an error from httr::GET() it calls the following routine:

err_handle2 <- function(x) {
  if (x$status_code > 201) {
    tt <- content(x, "text")
    mssg <- xml_text(xml_find_all(read_html(tt), "//h1"))
    stop(paste0(mssg, collapse = "\n\n"), call. = FALSE)

My question is if I embed my call to foo() in try...catch will that override the stop() call or am I a goner, or is there another way to override it,  given that I can't change the code to err_handle2().



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