[R] CARET NN Too Much Output Even with Trace=False

Sparks, John j@p@rk4 @ending from uic@edu
Fri Aug 17 19:34:07 CEST 2018

Hi R Helpers,

I am using the Neural Net build in the CARET package and it produces a large amount of output that I don't need to see and interferes with my ability to get to the output that I want to see.  I am using the nnet.trace=FALSE setting, but still getting a disproportionate amount of output from this one procedure.

Is there another option setting that will turn off this output?

Reproducible example is below.  It has a little extra complication in it because I hacked it from a post.  Let me know if I need to do anything to it to make it more use-able.

Many thanks.

--John Sparks



#Imputing missing values using median
preProcValues <- preProcess(data, method = c("medianImpute","center","scale"))
data_processed <- predict(preProcValues, data)
index <- createDataPartition(data_processed$Loan_Status, p=0.75, list=FALSE)
trainSet <- data_processed[ index,]
testSet <- data_processed[-index,]
fitControl <- trainControl(method = "cv",number = 5,savePredictions = 'final',classProbs = T)

predictors<-names(trainSet)[!names(trainSet) %in% outcomeName]


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