[R] R shared library (/usr/lib64/R/lib/libR.so) not found.

Rolf Turner r@turner @ending from @uckl@nd@@c@nz
Thu Aug 23 12:57:35 CEST 2018

I *think* that this is an R question (and *not* an RStudio question!)

I have, somewhat against my better judgement, decided to experiment with 
using RStudio.

I downloaded and install RStudio.  Easy-peasy.  Nice lucid instructions.

Then I tried to start RStudio ("rstudio" from the command line)
and got a pop-up window with the error message:

> R shared library (/usr/lib64/R/lib/libR.so) not found. If this
> is a custom build of R, was it built with the --enable-R-shlib option?

Oops, no, I guess it wasn't.  So I carefully did a

     sudo make uninstall
     make clean
     make distclean

and then did

     ./R-3.5.1/configure <various flags>

making sure I added the --enable-R-shlib flag.

Then I did make and sudo make install. It all seemed to go ...
but then I did


again and got the same popup error.

There is indeed *no* libR.so in /usr/lib64/R/lib.

There *is* a libR.so in /usr/lib/R/lib, but (weirdly) ls -l reveals that 
it dates from the my previous install of R-3.5.1 for which I *did not* 
configure with --enable-R-shlib.

Can anyone explain to me WTF is going on?

What should I do?  Just make a symbolic link from /usr/lib/R/lib/libR.so 
to /usr/lib64/R/lib/libR.so?

It bothers me that /usr/lib/R/lib/libR.so was not "refreshed" from my
most recent install of R.

I plead for enlightenment.


Rolf Turner

P.S. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.  And the previous install of R was done 
under Ubuntu 18.04.

R. T.

Technical Editor ANZJS
Department of Statistics
University of Auckland
Phone: +64-9-373-7599 ext. 88276

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