[R] How does Markov random field (bs=mrf) in mgvc gam handle repeated measures on the spatial units?

Susan Elias @u@@n@eli@@ @ending from m@ine@edu
Fri Aug 24 00:09:47 CEST 2018

Hello R,

I am attempting a spatio-temporal model in mgcv gam.

I am using a factor smooth to define each of 27 areal units in a shapefile
("id") as subjects (essentially) which have undergone 23 repeated
measurements in time ("year").

I am using the Markov random field to define the neighbor relationships of
the area units.

I have combed through Wood (2017) and other resources and have not found an
answer to my question, which is: how is the mrf handling the repeated
measures?  My model is:

model<-gam(response) ~ s(year) +
                       ti(year,id, bs="fs", m=1) +
                       s(id, bs = 'mrf', xt = list(nb = neighbors), k=5),
                       family=tw(), data=data)


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