[R] Obtaining Complete Dataset with Imputed Values

Paul Bernal p@ulbern@l07 @ending from gm@il@com
Fri Aug 24 20:57:10 CEST 2018

Dear friends, hope all is well with you,

I am working with package mi for data inputation. Currently working with R
version 3.5.0 (64-bit).

Say my data is  defined as dat, and I do the following:

datimputations <- mi(dat[2:5], n.iter=50)
completedat <- complete(datimputations)

After using the complete function, I get the following error message:

Error in complete(datimputations, m = 1) : 'data' not of class 'mids'

How can I retrieve the processed dataframe (along with the imputed values)?

Here is my dput() for you to see

> dput(head(dat,100))
structure(list(TransitDate = structure(c(496990800, 499669200,
502261200, 504939600, 507618000, 510037200, 512715600, 515307600,
517986000, 520578000, 523256400, 525934800, 528526800, 531205200,
533797200, 536475600, 539154000, 541573200, 544251600, 546843600,
549522000, 552114000, 554792400, 557470800, 560062800, 562741200,
565333200, 568011600, 570690000, 573195600, 575874000, 578466000,
581144400, 583736400, 586414800, 589093200, 591685200, 594363600,
596955600, 599634000, 602312400, 604731600, 607410000, 610002000,
612680400, 615272400, 617950800, 620629200, 623221200, 625899600,
628491600, 631170000, 633848400, 636267600, 638946000, 641538000,
644216400, 646808400, 649486800, 652165200, 654757200, 657435600,
660027600, 662706000, 665384400, 667803600, 670482000, 673074000,
675752400, 678344400, 681022800, 683701200, 686293200, 688971600,
691563600, 694242000, 696920400, 699426000, 702104400, 704696400,
707371200, 709963200, 712641600, 715320000, 717912000, 720590400,
723182400, 725860800, 728539200, 730958400, 733636800, 736232400,
738910800, 741502800, 744181200, 746859600, 749451600, 752130000,
754722000, 757400400), class = c("POSIXct", "POSIXt"), tzone = ""),
    Transits = c(14L, 14L, 13L, 10L, 11L, 14L, 14L, 14L, 16L,
    6L, 8L, 6L, 6L, 7L, 7L, 9L, 7L, 9L, 3L, 12L, 7L, 8L, 10L,
    9L, 10L, 11L, 9L, 9L, 5L, 11L, 12L, 7L, 12L, 10L, 9L, 13L,
    7L, 7L, 8L, 4L, 4L, 7L, 5L, 7L, 7L, 6L, 9L, 4L, 7L, 9L, 5L,
    5L, 10L, 6L, 6L, 13L, 6L, 7L, 10L, 7L, 8L, 5L, 6L, 7L, 6L,
    9L, 8L, 10L, 9L, 9L, 12L, 5L, 9L, 6L, 7L, 10L, 10L, 9L, 14L,
    14L, 15L, 14L, 16L, 17L, 18L, 11L, 15L, 14L, 8L, 13L, 10L,
    9L, 12L, 8L, 12L, 10L, 11L, 10L, 9L, 10L), CargoTons = c(154973L,
    129636L, 136884L, 86348L, 109907L, 154506L, 144083L, 152794L,
    124861L, 60330L, 65221L, 61718L, 53997L, 83536L, 63218L,
    98222L, 54719L, 98470L, 18263L, 104255L, 62869L, 62523L,
    75344L, 81476L, 92818L, 87457L, 85231L, 77897L, 57699L, 96989L,
    109361L, 59799L, 91116L, 82241L, 74251L, 124361L, 68751L,
    61719L, 68017L, 37760L, 32513L, 56359L, 51333L, 80859L, 75852L,
    65760L, 96043L, 38820L, 63202L, 102647L, 49104L, 53482L,
    121305L, 71795L, 76704L, 146097L, 73047L, 68557L, 110642L,
    77616L, 97767L, 52059L, 58658L, 66350L, 69303L, 76013L, 91909L,
    108445L, 94454L, 101249L, 112131L, 56290L, 118342L, 70618L,
    64783L, 112839L, 120506L, 94243L, 130768L, 133643L, 146321L,
    140736L, 147234L, 158953L, 189888L, 93819L, 130021L, 130124L,
    55088L, 114783L, 95184L, 82205L, 80321L, 65422L, 98933L,
    93713L, 98417L, 97210L, 88464L, 94659L), RcnstPCUMS = c(229914L,
    214547L, 215890L, 158695L, 173125L, 222533L, 212490L, 222125L,
    266913L, 94268L, 112967L, 95480L, 87654L, 108996L, 97973L,
    139247L, 93817L, 133197L, 40020L, 169749L, 102590L, 112121L,
    140241L, 122989L, 144592L, 144979L, 123748L, 123249L, 70081L,
    155218L, 168096L, 104743L, 163384L, 142648L, 129188L, 183170L,
    99299L, 99873L, 111648L, 55890L, 59183L, 95568L, 72550L,
    104562L, 100478L, 92665L, 130625L, 54786L, 105900L, 135833L,
    70932L, 73247L, 149632L, 94317L, 87926L, 181989L, 92778L,
    107097L, 153246L, 105175L, 126393L, 81976L, 95518L, 109019L,
    95370L, 140492L, 125795L, 157978L, 138424L, 138160L, 180320L,
    78757L, 135860L, 85921L, 114847L, 151965L, 152561L, 132841L,
    204839L, 209567L, 224436L, 210209L, 227143L, 245968L, 264969L,
    158648L, 222251L, 194335L, 111618L, 189643L, 137438L, 124953L,
    163155L, 107633L, 164525L, 135102L, 152072L, 126636L, 121008L,
    137824L), TotalToll = c(420742L, 392621L, 395078L, 290411L,
    316818L, 407235L, 388856L, 406488L, 482774L, 172510L, 206729L,
    174728L, 160406L, 199462L, 179290L, 254822L, 171685L, 243750L,
    73236L, 310640L, 187739L, 205181L, 249438L, 225069L, 264603L,
    265311L, 226458L, 225545L, 128248L, 284048L, 296023L, 184934L,
    298992L, 261045L, 236414L, 335201L, 181717L, 182767L, 204315L,
    102278L, 108304L, 174889L, 132766L, 191348L, 183874L, 169576L,
    239043L, 100258L, 212859L, 273024L, 142573L, 147226L, 300760L,
    189577L, 176731L, 365797L, 186483L, 215264L, 308024L, 211401L,
    254049L, 164771L, 191991L, 219128L, 191693L, 282388L, 252847L,
    317535L, 278232L, 277701L, 356022L, 158301L, 273078L, 172701L,
    230842L, 305449L, 306647L, 267010L, 406202L, 421229L, 451116L,
    422520L, 456557L, 494395L, 582202L, 350612L, 491174L, 429480L,
    239858L, 419111L, 303737L, 276146L, 360572L, 237868L, 358627L,
    298575L, 336079L, 279865L, 267427L, 304591L)), row.names = c(NA,
100L), class = "data.frame")

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