[R] Philip Morris International - Windows10 migration assessment

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Fri Aug 3 21:47:01 CEST 2018

On 03/08/18 19:03, Rainer Krug wrote:
> Let’s not alienate the business users!
> I agree that this is not the right / best forum to ask these type of
questions, but where is? I would suggest to at least point them to the
right resources. and not say that there questions are inappropriate here.
> Actually, if I as a private user would ask that question, I guess I would
get an answer here.
> So please - not alienate the business users.
> Cheers and good luck with Windows.

On the contrary, I would say that one has a moral obligation to alienate
tobacco companies.


Rolf Turner


And I'm down with this moral sentiment 10,000%.

I frankly couldn't believe what I was reading whilst perusing the digest,
and from whom. This smug bloke thinks he can land his 14-ton todger onto
the list, demand answers by a fixed deadline, and all in the service of
doing his bit to help replace the 7 million tobacco users who die every
year - according to the World Health Organisation - with preferably new,
young customers for the likes of PMI to sell their cancer sticks.

Disgusting. *Absolutely* disgusting! What on Bod's Earth are we doing
helping these people? They should be nowhere near this list. Do you hear
that, Philip Morris Angel of Death? I sincerely hope you crash and burn.

Clive Nicholas

"My colleagues in the social sciences talk a great deal about methodology.
I prefer to call it style." -- Freeman J. Dyson

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