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Tue Aug 21 03:59:49 CEST 2018


I have  a list of lists.  The lists in the list of lists are file names.  I
use lapply to read and merge the contents of each list in the list of lists
(3 merged contents in this case  which will be the content of 3 files).
Then, I  have to change the name of the 3 resulting files and finally I
have to write the contents of the files to each file.

 lc <- list("test.txt", "test.txt", "test.txt", "test.txt")
 lc1 <- list("test.txt", "test.txt", "test.txt")
 lc2 <- list("test.txt", "test.txt")
#list of lists.  The lists contain file names
 lc <- list(lc, lc1, lc2)
#new names for the three lists in the list of lists
 new_dataFns <- list("name1", "name2", "name3")
 file_paths <- NULL
 new_path <- NULL
#add the file names to the path and read and merge the contents of each
list in the list of lists
    function(lc) {
     filenames <- file.path(dataFnsDir, lc)
     dataList= lapply(filenames, function (x) read.table(file=x,
     Reduce(function(x,y) merge(x,y), dataList)
     #   print(dataList)


#add the new name of the file to the path total will be 3
 lapply(new_path, function(new_path){new_path <- file.path(getwd(),

The statements above work because lc and  new_dataFns are global and I can
pass them to the lapply function

#Finally, I need to write the merged contents to the corresponding file
(path/name.tsv).  I tried the following statement, but this does not work.
How can I write the content to each file? I was trying to use list <-
cbind(dataList, new_path) so that afterwards I can get the merged contents
and the file_name from the list and that way write each merged content to
the corresponding file, but it seems that the dataList and the newPath are
not global and the cbind() function does not work.

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