[R] Codes to conduct network meta-analysis, gemtc package

Viechtbauer Wolfgang (SP) wolfgang.viechtbauer at maastrichtuniversity.nl
Fri Feb 16 00:14:20 CET 2018

This aside, there is the R-sig-meta-analysis mailing list where this probably belongs:



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>> Hi,I want codes that could help me do NMA from the data. I would
>> appreciate if you could give a dummy table with which I could practice
>> codes that would help read the data and calculateOdds ratio (OR)
>> Mean difference (MD)
>> forest plot
>> Density plot of posterior samples
>> Estimates of ranks probabilities
>> Rank probabilities plot (rankogram)
>> Network plots
>> The manual by Gert van Valkenhoef is difficult for me to understand and
>> comprehend.

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