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I have a strange side-effect from executing R-scripts using R and RServe.

I am executing an R-Script from a Java file using RServe in R. I also have RStudio installed, but it's not running at the time. The R-script reads a CSV file and does various statistical things. RServe enables me to run each line of the R script using "eval()" line by line.

All this works fine for a correctly-formatted CSV file. It's great.

But, if the CSV file isn't correctly formatted, AND the last CSV file did correctly get run, then, with the incorrect CSV as input, the output is what ran last time. Somehow, the last correct run is persisted and returned if there is some problem with the current CSV input.

This data persistence is maintained across reboots.

I'm thus baffled how R is maintaining these old values, but more to the point, I need to know how to clear these old values so if the CSV input is incorrect, I get nothing back, not the old CSV values from a correctly formatted file.

Hope this description is clear.

Thanks in advance to all.

- M

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