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Mon Jul 9 14:13:22 CEST 2018

I am a beginner to R and I need to map some Atlantic puffin migration routes
onto a map of the Northern Hemisphere. I have a latitude and longitude point
per bird, per day. I would like to be able to plot the routes of all my
birds on one map and ideally so that I can see at which date they are at
each location.

This is a shortened version of my data for one bird only.

Bird             Date              Latitude     Longitude
eb80976 16/07/2012      50.99   -5.85
eb80976 17/07/2012      52.09   -4.58
eb80976 18/07/2012      49.72   -5.56
eb80976 19/07/2012      51.59   -3.17
eb80976 20/07/2012      52.45   -2.03
eb80976 21/07/2012      56.015  -10.51

Any help would be much appreciated. I am not totally sure where to start!
Many thanks.

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