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Federico Becerra fbecerr@ @ending from mdp@edu@@r
Fri Jul 13 20:43:38 CEST 2018

Good afternoon,

I am a Biology researcher working on Functional Morphology and Behaviour 
in mammals. Nowadays, I have a series of morphological data that I would 
like to test against different models for which I would need to optimize 
them -namely, "randomly manipulating" all models parameters in order to 
find the model that fit best upon my data.

I've been told that the function "optim" is THE function for me, but 
I've been having problems to program it and set all constraints.

Is there anything you could help me (guide me) with? I've asked already 
several "experts" in the internet but noone gave me a real solution.

Thanks a lot, have a nice day,

Dr. Federico Becerra
Morfología Funcional y Comportamiento
Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras
Univ. Nac. Mar del Plata - CONICET
CC 1245. Dean Funes 3250.(7600) Mar del Plata. Argentina
Tel: +54 (0223)475-3554 / 475-2426 Int. 297
* For large files, please send it to fedebec using hotmail.com (and please 
notify me here so I check that out).

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