[R] pROC

Maria Enzian M@Enzi@n @ending from gmx@de
Mon Jul 23 13:43:36 CEST 2018

I'm using the package pROC in RStudio to create my ROC-curves and I have patients in my data - healthy or sick - in the column "Status" and the value "SUVmax" to examine it.
I used the following code:
plot.roc(daten$Status,daten$SUVmax,percent=TRUE,ci=TRUE,print.auc=TRUE,main="ROC-Kurve für den SUVmax")
The ROC-curve I got is ok, but on the x-axis I got a specificity from 150% to -50%, but I want the scale from 100% to 0% (as usual).
xlim=c(100,0) doesn't work.
Can someone help me?
Best regards

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