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dear Benoit,
                       Amazing! I did my home work and found out that only two out of eight processors is being utilized by mclapply.

I am using general purpose t2 instances in AWS, with Linux AMI(Red Hat).

How do I make RHEL  utilize all the processors in my linux instance? Should I use the "configure" command in Linux? Is there any specific command in AWS linux instances? Or just setting the mc.cores argument of mclapply to 8(there are 8 cores in my linux instance) work?

If the answer is somewhat involved, please refer  some online resources....

Very many thanks for your time and effort....
Yours sincerely
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On Sun, Jul 01, 2018 at 11:31:29AM +0000, akshay kulkarni wrote:
> I tried "top" at the bash prompt, but it provides a way to measure
> CPU performance of the existing processes. I want to check the CPU
> usage of the execution of an R function.

Try to open two bash prompts, in one use R and in the other use top to
monitor what is going on.

> and at the R prompt I type the function to be executed. But if I
> type "top" at the R prompt, it says object "top" not found.

top is a shell command, no issue with R not knowing about this.

> So, should I change to bash prompt after running the R function? If
> yes, how do I do it? If not, how to use "top" inside the R prompt?

Basically, you can't.

> Again, I think this is an OS isuue....but I could'nt find any answer
> in the Internet. I am an independent researcher and I don't have
> personal access to experts.......this mail list is the only vent I
> have.......

... (many more dots) Do you think we are experts on your system?

Please do your home work and get back to us once it's done. ;-)



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