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Mon Jul 9 21:42:21 CEST 2018

Dear all,

In the end I try to run a system dynamics simulation in R using the package deSolve.
Therefore I need an auxiliary list (auxs) the model can refer to when it the functions need an auxiliary value.

I used a manual list:

auxs <- c( aSplitSN=0.4 , aSplitLN=0.6, aSplitSR1=0 , aSplitLR1=1, aSplitSR2=0 , aSplitLR2=1, aSplitSR3=0 , aSplitLR3=1, aSalesNR=0.92, aSalesRR=0.08, […])

this way everything worked well.

Now I want to use a matrix with different values for each of the auxiliaries in order to run different scenarios. Therefore I created a csv document wich I read in:

csv1  <- read.csv("180713_Taguchi Robust Design Test_180709_1745.csv", sep = ";")

list_csv <- csv1[1,]

namesauxs <- names(list_csv)

 auxs1 <- as.numeric(list_csv)

 names(auxs1) <- namesauxs

 auxs <- auxs1

Looking at the global environment section in R studio, now both are the same, in the value section as "Numed num"

Yet, the model will not run using these values ultimately coming from the csv.

What am I doing wrong here?

It would be great if you could help.

Thanks a lot in advance



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