[R] Script file bug

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us
Thu Mar 1 15:25:14 CET 2018

Please always reply-all so the mailing list can record the answer along with your question. I am cc'ing this time.  Thanks for the unusual case.
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On March 1, 2018 12:46:53 AM PST, zn l <esetlzn at gmail.com> wrote:
>It is my mistake. I find that I input # character in the Chinese.  The
>R.app won’t display any error messages. 
>> 在 2018年3月1日,16:04,Jeff Newmiller <jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us> 写道:
>>> On Thu, 1 Mar 2018, zn l wrote:
>>> Hi?
>>> There is a bug in R 3.4.3(kite-eating tree) in mac os x 10.13.3. If
>a script have a comment in the first line, any output of this script
>like plot won?t display in the screen.
>> a) If this is specific to Mac, you will get better quality responses
>on r-sig-mac mailing list.
>> b) I don't see this behavior on R3.4.3 on Windows.
>> c) Are you perhaps using lattice or ggplot graphs, and are unfamiliar
>with R FAQ 7.16 or 7.22?
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