[R] data analysis for partial two-by-two factorial design

Ding, Yuan Chun ycding at coh.org
Fri Mar 2 19:34:36 CET 2018

Dear R users,

I need to analyze data generated from a partial two-by-two factorial design: two levels for drug A (yes, no), two levels for drug B (yes, no);  however, data points are available only for three groups, no drugA/no drugB, yes drugA/no drugB, yes drugA/yes drug B, omitting the fourth group of no drugA/yes drugB.  I think we can not investigate interaction between drug A and drug B, can I still run  model using R as usual:  response variable = drug A + drug B?  any suggestion is appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Yuan Chun Ding

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